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Trapped is 3-5 player party game, in which you aim to be the first person to empty their hand by playing traps on other players. Each trap forces players to perform and maintain a ridiculous feats, such as referring to oneself as 'The Beard' or speaking like a pirate. Make your friends dance like a robot, force your brother to never make eye contact - no one is safe while playing TRAPPED, the funniest game in the world.

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Free Print and Play

Trapped has been release as a not for profit game. The full version of Trapped and all of its expansions and instructions are free.

Expansions (Also free)

These expansions have been made to mix into the original game. Just download these expansions and add them into the existing deck.

Drinking Game Expansions (Also free)

Instruction Manual

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Complete Card List

The card list will be available at a later date.


"You'll be pleased to know that they loved 'Trapped', and we played it quite a few times, until we got kicked out so the housemate could go to sleep, lol! They loved 'The Beard' and the 'Pirate voice' cards in particular, and Liam got a real lark out of 'talking with a voice other than his own' - we got a real dinky-die Aussie outback-guy accent, delivered with a great deal of enthusiasm and hilarity. After the card was replaced with another, we had a hard time getting him to talk normally again, he was enjoying the accent so much, lol!" Deborah McDonnell - First Playtester

Trapped Thankyous

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  • Jim Phelan
  • Courtney Pratt
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  • Deborah McDonnell
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